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If you are looking to build a custom home and make your dreams come true look no further. Ron Hawes builds quality custom homes the old fashion way and in this case old fashion is a good thing. The quality of construction is unmatched and their hands on approach throughout the entire process is unheard of in today’s production environment.

Our Story

We had always wanted our own log home. The smartest thing we ever did was to find Ron Hawes. We had heard horror stories about builders and the perils of having a home built. It was just the opposite with Ron Hawes ,his daughter Shawn, his son Matt, and the whole crew.

Ron helped us with every decision including the lot, the floor plan and layout of our home. We were kept in the loop every day and made daily decisions together to produce exactly what we wanted. Every aspect of the materials arriving and then being put into place was timely and exact. Even the smallest details were discussed .Since we were novists,we had questions and everyone was patient and precise and very helpful.

Ron didn’t stop with the house. He went on to landscape with the many rocks found on our property. Every entrance to our home had a sidewalk made of large boulders. Since we are on top of a mountain there are also rock retaining walls. All the rock landscaping is completed with the artistry of Ron’s vision.

If we didn’t love our home so much we’d do it all over again!

Hawes Inc. are the ONLY builders we would choose. They work with integrity,experience,knowledge, professionalism and devotion to the customer and their needs. They will embrace your dreams and share in your pride in the final product when complete.

And needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the outcome!!

Jann Petrosino & Fred Petrosino

“We selected Ron and his team for several reasons. First and foremost was their flexibility and willingness to work with us during all of our our ‘sweat equity’ projects. Most other contractors we spoke with were very hesitant to allow us to take on tasks in an effort to keep our costs down. Ron and his crew were very amenable to letting us try our hand at many projects, yet if we had to change plans at the last minute they were right there to step in and take over the task to keep the project moving. They were also very flexible in working with us during the often-trying TV shoot schedule for our HGTV “Dream House” series.

Their vast experience and long history of building in Loudoun County really made the permit and inspection processes go very smoothly, and they always offered good advice even when we were tackling a project on our own. Their staff and close network of subs made us feel like part of the family whenever we were onsite ‘getting dirty’ right alongside them.

In terms of workmanship, their grading and hardscaping capabilities are second-to-none, and we really appreciated their creativity and experience when it came to ‘redesigning’ the grounds to give us ample recreational space for our growing family and startup winery. We were also really impressed with their woodworking craftsmanship and attention to detail. Many of the small details in our home are what really lends character to the finished spaces.

When the inevitable problems arose, Ron was always available on either of his two cell phones and issues were dealt with swiftly and effectively.”

- Stephen Mackey
Co-Founder, Notaviva Vineyards LLC

“Hawes, Inc. was recommended to us by a mutual acquaintance and we were not disappointed. They did beautiful work and were amenable to several changes of plans on our part. We lived in the house during the months of work and the crew was very considerate of our comfort and privacy. Their work was not only attractive but competent; we’ve had no problems in the year since they finished.

When construction was completed we were very happy with the work of Ron Hawes, Inc., a rarity in our experience and that of others.”

- Noel Grove and Barbara Payne

“Ronald M Hawes and staff are just wonderful. As is common with so many new homeowners, we wanted everything you see on HGTV (granite, timber beams, stone walkways, stone foundation, etc) but soon found we could not afford it all. Mr. Hawes worked with us to design a home that had the feel of a lodge, but kept with our requirements for budget and maintenance. The flexibility and thoughtfulness demonstrated during the planning process really paid off during build and turnover. We had nearly no change orders, got so much of what we wanted, and made the right compromises to come up with a home that has fit our lifestyle well over the past ten years.

We have made some improvements and additions and continue to call on Ronnie’s team to serve us well as they always have – honesty, integrity, and candid communications. We have so much trust in what they do that we just wouldn’t choose anyone else.”

- Steve and Shyla Kennedy

Dear Ron, Shawn & Crew

We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and highest praise for your caring, support and professionalism in working with us to build our dream home. You “build dreams” and you certainly made ours reality. We will cherish this home for many years to come as well as our lasting friendship that formed during our business relationship. We’ve worked with other builders in the past and never experienced the personal commitment to do what is right until we met you and your crew. Ron, your crew, subcontractors, as well as yourself have been very supportive to answering your questions and participated in a free exchange of ideas to help us “fine tune” our home. The experience has been very rewarding and one that we will never forget. You set the standard that all businesses should strive to achieve.

In the beginning, Ron, you spent many hours helping us to make decisions to plan our new home. Our most memorable experience was a phrase you said, “you trust me and I’ll trust you” We will never forget those words as they set the basis for our business and personal relationships. This phrase confirmed our feeling that choosing you to build our home was the right thing to do. You say what you mean and you do what you say. And who can forget the fire? Emotionally, this was one of the hardest things we ever had to endure and your support, including the hugs, showed us how much you cared.

Shawn answered many of our questions right from the beginning and we always felt as if we were her only customers. Shawn’s support to developing the insurance claim was exemplary. Our collective efforts resulted in amazing accuracy, ensuring that reconstruction costs would not exceed the original cost of construction – not too shabby for people who have never done this before! Shawn, you are to be credited for your good business sense, pleasant customer relations, and just simply a wonderful person to chat with.

Your crew is a special group of people – they make your business. They adeptly handled the construction of our house and were always available to answer our questions. They remained flexible throughout the construction process, responding to our changes, addressing concerns and problems, and shared ideas to help us make key decisions. The quality of their workmanship is outstanding; they build a first rate house. Their leadership and knowledge of the construction process is an asset to your team.

Overall, Ron, we cannot say enough about you and your crew. Your continued dedication before, during and after construction shows that your customers are #1. We look forward to a long lasting friendship.


Pat & Shirly Main


Thank you for building such a nice home to live in! Your crew is really good at their craft! We may not be the biggest house you have built, but we think its the prettiest! Thank you!

Sally Summeral

Misty Rose Farm


The new room looks Fabulous!!

Ronnie Koenig


Thanks for all you have done. The house is perfect and we just love being here. We spread your name and good work every chance we get!

Lyn & Josh Morton


The work is super – The cabin is warmer and looks beautiful!

Tom & Linda Worthington

Dear Ron

Best regards, With fond memories do we regard those days of the magnificent log addition and work on making this old farm house a real home! Many thanks to you for being a major factor in this remodeling task that many have admired.

With kindest regards

Ed & Elizabeth Davis
Fair Havens Farm

Dear Ron & All

Thank you so much for everything. We love our new home in every way. It sure was a long process, but the transformation from hole in the ground to our warm home has been amazing. Thank you for all the hard work! We hope the new year brings you some blue skies and continued prosperity.

Sangwoon (Helen) and Eric Carnel

Dear Ron:

I write to express our greatest appreciation for all you did in the building of our log house. We have long congratulated ourselves for choosing you as our builder.

We say without hesitation that you never failed us from the beginning to the end — from the planning stage, to house location, to driveway placement, to the innumerable house particulars which had to be considered and determined, and to the quality of fabrication accomplished by your crew and subcontractors. We are wholly satisfied customers, and you have every reason to look back on the achievement with pride.

In many conversations with you, I became increasingly aware that you live by caring to serve. You were never impatient, whether answering naive questions or in handling last-minute changes; though neither pushy nor otherwise seeking to impose your views, you were helpfully decisive in showing the way when alternatives were presented; though highly knowledgeable in all facets of your trade, you never resisted going back to your office for further research; you never kept us hanging, whether by procrastination or plain inaction; and you did it all with invariable courtesy and good cheer.

You are entirely welcome to show both this letter and our house to whomever you may choose.


Rolf & Nancy Valtin

Dear Ron

Enclosed is a check for the completion of the power washing and staining of the house. Thank you very much! We are very pleased with the way the house looks and very impressed wit the workmanship. In particular please pass on my appreciation to Ralph – he’s not only a really nice person, but his work is extremely neat and precise. Having worked with you, we wish we had know you 6 years ago when we decided to build….. and you will be our first choice should we ever go down that path again!


Esther Perantoni

Eleven years ago my wife Gail and I retired to West Virginia and planned to build a log home on property that we owned on the Potomac River. Ron Hawes name had been provided to me as a place to start when looking for a log home contractor. We called Ron, and he took Gail and I to see 4 or 5 homes that he had build. This was very helpful as we could see the quality of his work and talk to the owners that had worked with Ron and his crew.

I really believe that Gail and I knew less about the building of a log home then the average person that sets out to own one. I have been impressed my the amount of research that the potential customers that Ron has since brought to see our log home. Since I knew very little about the building of a log home it was imperative that I find a individual that I could trust to advise me and do the high quality finish product that I expected.

It did not take long visiting with Ron, and I knew I had the man I needed for the job. Building our home was shear pleasure as I spent everyday at the job site. It was my intention to be available so that any changes or decisions that needed to be made could happen on the spot. I believed this would not only save Ron on construction costs, but insure that I got what I had expected.

Not only was the building of our home a pleasure, but Ron and his crew are considered friends of Gail I still.

Don & Gail Mullin
Falling Waters, WV

Ronald M. Hawes, Inc. built our log home in 2007, our “dream home” for our retirement. We carefully chose our land and took the same care choosing our builder. We discussed our desires for a custom-built home while looking at other houses built by them as well as plans for ideas. Step by step everything was addressed professionally by people who really cared about doing their jobs the very best they could. They knew all the little touches to customize a log home.

When you hire the Hawes company, you have Ron’s good name backing you up. In early June of 2008, we had a bad wind/thunderstorm knocking down many trees. Ron came personally to see if we needed help with cleaning up. His employees always treated us well, helping us through the hurdles to achieve a good end. You can’t ask for more than that! The best reference we can give – come and see our beautiful house and judge for yourself.

Sheila and Gary Heath
Purcellville, Va

Ron Hawes is a rare find! He does exactly what he says he will do, for the price agreed and will totally follow up on any work he does.He and his crew have done more than one project for me and they do the best work I could ask for. Ron has very extensive experience and is cedible In his approach.For the first time, in my experience of working with many builders in the area, Ron is the only one I can say I completely trust! What a find.

Melinda Kramer

After working with Ron Hawes and his team on several projects in two of my employer’s offices, his company was an obvious choice when my husband and I decided to expand and remodel the kitchen in our home. From our first meeting with Ron, through the planning and construction, Ron and his team had a clear understanding of our goals. Without exception, everyone who worked on the project was professional and skilled which resulted in a high quality renovation. Since my husband and I both work outside the home, it was important that we could trust people having access to our home. Everyone was respectful of our home and sensitive to the fact that we were living in the home during the construction phase.

Richard Darr did a great job in keeping us informed, providing plenty of notice for having items, which we purchased, available for installation, and coordinating and overseeing every aspect of the project. Our dog, Millie, was especially fond of Richard.

Shawn did a top notch job in providing documentation regarding job costs which was effective in keeping us on budget.

We give Ronald M. Hawes, Inc. our highest recommendation.

Michele Zgonc
Leesburg, Virginia

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